Everybody Mister Crunchy Tonight!

As you grow older, you engage in this wonderful process of narrowing down the things you like and the things you don't. One thing I've realized that I like is songs where the band says their own name a lot. "Everybody Wang Chung Tonight" is the obvious example, but I was just listening to Jesus Jones' "Who? Where? Why?" where this little wormy phoned-in voice announces "Jesus Jones!" eight times in the little intro/outro to the chorus. Eight exactly. I counted. Fantastic. DEVO and Art of Noise did it a fair amount, too. Now I find myself a little wistful that my old college band never announced our name in any songs. If I started a band now, you can be sure that we'd be announcing ourselves every three minutes.

Why is Our School So Dumb?

At the beginning of school every year, we fill out the special info form that tells the school our emergency contacts and medical insurance info. Twice, naturally, because we have two kids and, who knows, we might want to use different emergency contacts for each, depending on which emergency contact family pets each daughter prefers. Or something. Then, the following year and every subsequent year, we fill these same forms out again. Twice. If we had sextuplets, I'd jump off a bridge. I've inquired audibly about whether it's too much to ask to just send us a form with last year's info for both girls on it with a box to check if nothing changes, and I've been assured that YES! this is entirely too much to ask.

I've made peace with this situation, resigning myself to the fact that our school's information management capabilities are mired in the time before integrated circuits, despite the fact that we all went to MIT and the inventor of the World Fricking Wide Web lives here. I still periodically muse about starting a company that will outsource student information management for elementary schools in a hyper secure fashion that would enable a parent to publish selected info to selected "customers" (Brownies! Soccer! Dance class! Whatever!) in an enter-once/publish-many sort of way. But that's just a silly boy's dream, and I know it.

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